DHMS Result 2020

Establishment of Homeopathy Board in Independent Bangladesh and introduction of DHMS course and development of Homeopathy

The unconditional surrender of Pakistani troops on 16 December 1971 put an end to the rule and exploitation of West Pakistanis in East Pakistan and the establishment of the independent sovereign People’s Republic of Bangladesh. In independent Bangladesh, the Government of Bangladesh formed the Homeopathic Board in 1972 by an order of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The board was renamed as “Bangladesh Homeopathy Board” and the course was renamed as DHMS. Formal education in homeopathy in Bangladesh is DHMS. Course management, syllabus formulation, examination taking, approval and control of homeopathic colleges, d. H. M. S. The board is responsible for issuing medical certificates and registrations to the doctors who have passed.

From 1982 to 1992, the board was run by government-appointed administrators. In 1973, the Government of Bangladesh issued the “Bangladesh Homoeopathic Practitioners Ordinance-1973” through an ordinance. The activities of the Bangladesh Homeopathy Board are being conducted in the light of the provisions of this Ordinance and Regulation 1975. At present, a board of directors of Bangladesh Homeopathy Board has been formed with a total of 16 members including 1 chairman and 16 members nominated by the government and the board is being run.

The Bangladesh Homeopathy Board is an autonomous body and affiliated to the Ministry of Health of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. A high quality syllabus prepared by this board in 1975 has been implemented in 50 private recognized homeopathic medical colleges all over Bangladesh. H. M. S. The course is being conducted. The Board is responsible for conducting academic activities for all years from the 1st year to the 4th (final) year of the 4 (four) year Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (DHMS) course and arranging 6 months internship training and issuing certificates and registrations to those who pass the professional examination. Currently registered d. H. M. S. The number of doctors is about 25,000. These doctors are playing a special role in the national health service by providing low cost health care to the people in remote areas of the country.

Introduction of BHMS Course and Recognition of Homeopathy Course by Dhaka University

There are two courses of Homeopathy Medical Science Education recognized by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. A b. H. M. S. Course and the other d. H. M. S. Course. B. H. M. S. The course is conducted under the control of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka. H. M. S. The course is conducted under the control of Bangladesh Homeopathy Board. In the d. H. M. S. The course is the oldest and has been running in the country since the Pakistan period, on the other hand B. H. M. S. Course D. in independent Bangladesh. H. M. S. Dhaka University was recognized in 1986 as a product of the movement of the passing doctors.

DHMS Result 2020

Government Homoeopathic Medical College

The duration of BHMS course is 5 years academic education and 1 year internship, the duration of DHMS course is 4 years academic education and 6 months internship. The BHMS course was first introduced in Bangladesh at the Bangladesh Homoeopathic Medical College in Dhaka and in response to the demands of the students of this college, the University of Dhaka recognized the course and the college was affiliated as a constituent college of Dhaka University. Dr. Mohammad Hossain was the vice president of this college. H. M. S. The lifeblood of the course launch.

H. M. S. The Homoeopathic Physicians Society will forever remember the then Vice-Chancellor Professor Abdul Mannan for his recognition of the course. In the wake of many sacrifices, struggles and demands, the Government of Bangladesh established the “Government Homoeopathic Degree College” in Mirpur in 1979. Educational activities were started in this college from 1989-90 academic year under Dhaka University. Both the Government Homoeopathic Degree College at Mirpur in Dhaka and the Bangladesh Homoeopathic Medical College on Toynbee Circular Road near Gulistan in Dhaka are B.Sc. H. M. S. Many students are playing an important role in the national health service.

Convocation of Dhaka University

The beautiful system of homeopathic medical science education that we see in present day Bangladesh has a history of sacrifice and struggle of many wise people behind it. Homeopathy treatment is now a popular medical system in Bangladesh, behind this popularity is the role of Bangladesh government, recognition of Dhaka University, activities of Bangladesh Homeopathy Board; Attitude of service to professional, amateur, trained, untrained homeopaths; Healing through the activities of various homeopathic organizations, the publication of various homeopathic journals, and the confidence and treatment of the general public. Through this article, I pay my respects to all the Homoeo fans who have provided patronage.

DHMS Result 2020: Bangladesh Homoeopathic Board Results 2020 DHMS Result 2020 The DHMS Result of the Homoeopathic Board have been announced on the website. The website. You will also find the Homoeopathic Diploma Results 2020 on our website. Below we will discuss the whole process of how you can easily get the results.

Bangladesh Homoeopathic Board Results 2020

Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (DHSS) for the 2018-19 academic year of the recognized Homoeopathic Medical Colleges under the Bangladesh Homoeopathic Medical Colleges. Tests were held daily from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Those of you who participated in this test are now waiting for Bangladesh DHMS Result 2020. Very soon the DHMS Result of all the homeopathic medical colleges of the country will be published.

Homeopathy test results published 2020

Bangladesh Homoeopathic Board Chairman. Dilip Kumar Roy today handed over the results of Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (DHMMS) examinations of 44 colleges recognized under the Board to the Health and Family Welfare Minister at the Secretariat. The results of the Homeopathy Board examination will be published on the Internet. DHMS Result can be found at www.homoeopathicboardbd.org.

DHMS test results 2020

You will be happy to hear that there are two ways to get DHMS test results. The first is the online system and the other is the SMS system. Now we will discuss about the results of homeopathy test so that you can easily get your results without any confusion. The official website of Homeopath will be very busy on the day of publication of results as many more Homeopath examinees like you will try to access the official website of Homeopath. So, you can easily get DHMS Result 2020 from our web site.

A history of DHMS Result:

Veteran and homeopathic doctor Muktijoddha Dr. Uttar Janapada. Md. Atiqullah’s youngest son, doctor and teacher and columnist Dr. Md. Mahasina Khatun, wife of Abdus Salam (Shiplu), is a student of Science Department. Khatun is a doctor, teacher, columnist, teacher leader, homeopathy leader and former journalist. Md. Although she is the wife of Abdus Salam (Shiplu), her husband or husband’s father (father-in-law) never used his popularity and identity to introduce his wife to anyone. His statement is that let’s go ahead with our own efforts. That is why homeopaths in Bangladesh do not know his wife very well. He never told anyone about it and did not get acquainted with it and did not take any kind of advantage, so the issue of taking any kind of opportunity did not come up. When the first child Anika Salam was 4 months in her mother’s womb and was slowly growing in her womb, she was admitted in the 1st year of DHMS (Homeopathy) course at Bogra Homoeopathic Medical College. A few months later, after giving birth by caesarean section, Mahasina Khatun took her child to a remote village in her hometown, which is the aristocratic “Munshi Bari” of Siraj Nagar village in the remote village of Bishalpur Union in Sherpur upazila of Bogra district. The remote village is about 45/50 km away from the Homoeopathic Medical College. Consider staying at the baby’s grandparents’ home during the test. Because young children are involved in care and upbringing.

On the day before each test, study thoroughly and on the day of the test, wake up at 3/4 o’clock in the morning, finish the possible preparation for the test, eat very little food, before the little child wakes up or wakes up with great difficulty, or to stop the baby’s crying. Student (examinee) Mahasina Khatun, dressed as an apron student as a medical student, went out of the village house with her father at around 5 am before the winter test with her elderly father (November-December-January). After crossing 3/4 km of rural roads in severe cold, dense fog / cold flow, then getting CNG with great difficulty from stopping at the market, but most of the time due to lack of passengers and heavy fog and severe winter, CNG does not want to go so early.

Then the CNG driver understood a lot and with the reserve to fight with the extreme cold and dense fog of winter to go 16/18 km with the elderly father. Then get on the bus from the stoppage and travel to the destination of about 22/23 km. Then get off at the stop and ride the rickshaw again and reach the college. On the one hand, the test and on the other hand, the thought of leaving the infant to the sick grandmother. Is the child crying? Are you eating? Then they can finish the test as quickly as possible in 2 to 2 and a half hours and return to the child’s grandparents’ house in a remote area in the same way! What is the child doing? Are you crying? Did you eat? Is the sick grandmother able to take care of the baby properly? Different thoughts nested in the head and ate revolving! On the way back home, it would have been 4/5 in the afternoon or evening.

When he goes home, he sees that the child is crying a lot without eating, has not eaten for a long time, is arrogant towards his mother, has fallen asleep or is awake! Thus, it is difficult for newborns and lactating infants to be left without a mother for 12-15 hours. Thus the 1st and 2nd year examinations ended. Then the 2nd daughter Mayisha Salam was in the mother’s womb during the 3rd year examination. If she has a second child by caesarean section, she will be given the 4th year examination by leaving the 1st and 2nd child in the child’s various homes and travel to the destination. Anika Salam and Mayisha Salam have been very supportive of the baby’s elderly grandparents and the sick grandmother during the examination. Husband’s family and parents’ family have contributed to continue studying in DHMS (Homeopathy) course. A woman’s family, childbearing, newborn and lactating children, leaving half of the day with other family members for about 12/15 hours, the arduous journey of 45/50 km is really a matter of patience. Then when it comes to passing the test, it doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. Dr. Md. Atikulla and deleted. Afroza Begum (Rosie) youngest son, doctor and teacher. Md. Mahasina Khatun, wife of Abdus Salam (Shiplu) is the daughter-in-law of Dr. Bari of Jagannath Para in Sherpur upazila of Bogra district.

As a student of science department, she is now B.H.B. of Health Education and Family Welfare Department of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Under this, he passed DHMS (4th year / last year) final examination-2019 (held-2020) from Bogra Homoeopathic Medical College (Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery). Admission to the DHMS (Homeopathy) course and five years of examinations and publication of results every year. Then to complete the internship as an internship doctor at Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital. Keep At the same time, to get the highest degree from the university in general education and to be self-employed as a teacher. He wants to be a good teacher to the students through his efficiency and personality. He thinks that education is the backbone of the nation. Teachers are the beacon of the nation. The ideal teacher for the students is the one to be followed with respect and honor. After obtaining higher education or degree, many take up the profession of teacher out of interest or sacrifice of life, but not all students can be ideal teachers!

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