State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result 2020 |

IHT and State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result Notification 2019-2020. The notification of admission of students in Medical Assistant Training School (MATS) and Institute of Health Technology (IHT) was published on 15 May 2019 on the website of the Department of Health Mats and IHT admissions were discussed in detail.

IHT and Medical Assistant Mats Admission Notification 2019-2020

Notice of Admission of Medical Assistant Training School (MATS) and Institute of Health Technology (IHT) has been published for the students admitted in public / private institutes in the academic year 2019-2020. In the academic year 2019-2020, the Department of Health, , Sirajganj, Tangail, Comilla, Faridpur, Jhenaidah and Satkhira 9 Medical Assistant Training Schools (MATS) – 3 (three) years course + 01 (one) year internship with diploma courses and 13 institutes of health (IHT) , Rajshahi, Bogra, Chittagong, Barisal, Rangpur, Jhenaidah, Sylhet, Sirajganj, Satkhira, Sheikh Hasina Institute of Health Technology-Jamalpur, Gaepalganj and Gazipur for 3 (three) year term Diploma in Medical Technology courses in different faculties. Applications are being invited with conditions.

Eligibility of application

Passing SSC / Equivalent Examination in Science from 2015 to 2019 and obtaining minimum GPA 2.5 (points)

Will. Biology must be the subject.

Admission test matters

According to SSC syllabus, each candidate has to take part in one hour written test of 100 (one hundred) marks (Bangla-15, English-15, Math-15, Physics-15, Chemistry-15, Biology-15, General Knowledge-10). The written test will be conducted in MCQ method. And the answer sheet will be seen on the OMR machine. In both MATS and IHT, merit list will be prepared by adding 20 times the GPA obtained in SSC or equivalent examination along with the State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result of admission test. That is the number obtained in SSC GPA X 20 + written test. No oral examination will be held.

Mats seat number

Number of seats in different mats: 617. In case of Divisional Quota, 15% seats in each MAT will be reserved for female candidates. However, if there is no suitable candidate in the divisional quota or women reserved seats, those seats will be filled from the general merit list. In case of tribal quota, educational qualification and admission test will be the same. Certificates signed by the Gaetra Chief and Deputy Commissioner in favor of tribal candidature have to be submitted at the time of admission.

Number of IHT seats

Number of seats in various IHTs: 2691. Candidates will be selected on the basis of 60% national merit of the total number of general seats in the faculty mentioned in GIHT, and the remaining 30% on the basis of population of 8 administrative divisions. In case of claiming quota of Divisional candidates, the candidates have to submit the certificate signed by the Chairman of the concerned Union Parishad / Mayor of the Municipality / Ward Councilor of the City Corporation or the Mayor at the time of admission in favor of the permanent address mentioned in the application form.

MATS and IHT application process via prepaid Teletalk SMS

Go to the message option of prepaid teletalk and type DGHS, space with SSC Board Lite, Roll, Passing Year, space with choice1, choice2 (one of Table-2 and Table-3 in the order of preference. MATS / IHT can be any earlier. : 513,122 or 133,516. Div code with space (Table-4) with space quota code (Table-5) FF or TR or two together FE, TR by typing and send to 16222. (“Baird: Dhaka DHA, DIN, SYL, RAJ, JES, BAR, CUM, CA0, TEC, MAD…)

Example: DGHS <> DHA <> 23423 <> 2017513,145 <> 6 <> FF and send to 16222

To confirm the application process, go back to the prepaid Teletalk message option and type DGHS, YES with space, PIN number found in return message with space, Test center code (Table 1) space with contact mobile number (which number will always be with candidate and where Necessary SMS should be sent) and send to 16222. To pay type DGHS <> YES <> pin_no <> exam_centre (Table-1) <> contact_no and send to 16222

Example: DGHS <> YES <> 23874576 <> 85 <> 072 xxxxxxx (any mobile operator) and send to 16222

REPLY: CONGRATS! Name, Fee received successfully for IHT & MATS. Exam center: BarishalIHT.User name (PDFGJEIT), Password (70180345).

Admit card, photo and signature to upload: CLICK NOW

State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result 2020 |

Necessary documents

The original copy of all the information and certificates mentioned in the application form must be provided at the time of admission.

  • (A) Letter of appreciation given by the headmaster as proof of passing SSC or equivalent examination.
  • (B) SSC or equivalent examination number sheet / transcript.
  • (C) Certificate of citizenship mentioning permanent address.
  • (D) 4 (four) copies of freshly sized passport size photo.
  • (E) In the case of tribal candidates, a certificate signed by the Deputy Commissioner and the Gaetra Chief regarding the district Gaetra and character traits.
  • (F) If the candidate’s parents-grandparents / grandparents have become freedom fighters, application can be made in the freedom fighter quota.

Short message for those who are thinking of getting admitted in Mats: –

  1. What are those mats ??
  2. Why read ??
  3. What kind of institution will you be admitted to ??
  4. How much can you build a career by reading mats ??
  5. Can you complete graduation after passing MATs ??

Name of a course affiliated to The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh, run by the Ministry of Health, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Medical Assistant Training Course (Degree Name: – DMF which is known as Diploma Doctor).

This course is to be done from MATS (Medical Assistant Training School), currently there are 6 government institutions in the country (MATS, Bagerhat. MATS, Noakhali. MATS, Tangail. MATS, Sirajganj. MATS, Kushtia. MATS, Faridpur. MATS, Mats, Comilla ) Contains.

Ways to know the name of the government organization, such as: – Mats in the case of government mats, Tangail (official mats). But if there is any private company in Tangail, its name will be Tangail Mats (private). Every year, 618 students are given admission in government mats across the country through admission test. According to the calculations from 1982 to 2016, only meritorious students from middle class / poor families of the country get a chance in these institutions.

# Admission_Eligibility: After passing SSC, you can apply for admission in Mats only if you have a GPA of 2.5 from Science Department (Biology required). However, in most of the official mats, the number of students who got A + in the first division is 90% and the remaining 10% GPA is more than 4.50.

#Admission_exam: Total 200 marks. 100 marks will be MCQ exam + the remaining 100 marks will be determined on the GPA obtained in your SSC exam. For example, if you get GPA 4.50 in SSC, it will be multiplied by 20, then 4.50 * 20 = 90. Here you get 90 out of 100, this 90 will be added to the number obtained in the MCQ exam so that the first 100 people who are ahead will be selected for admission. Then the waiting list will come.

#What_read: For MCQ of 100 marks, Bengali + English + Mathematics + Physics + Biology + Chemistry + General Knowledge = 100 marks will be tested. We do not know the news of any guide or note book.

# Course_Direction: Total 4 years duration course (3 years academic + 1 year internship)

#Career: After completing their formal education, they are registered by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council as a Registered Diploma Medical Assistant Practitioner (Diploma Physician) marked by D- / D- (e.g. BMDC Reg: D-1234). It is basically B Category. Registration.

In the health sector, we are officially employed in the Department of Health and Family Planning. Those whose place of work is in the district, upazila, union sub-health center, whose title is “Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officer”. These diploma doctors have a pioneering role in providing healthcare in rural Bengal, with 70-80% of the people in marginal villages generally relying on these diploma doctors. There are also opportunities to work in different positions in different local and foreign NGOs.

# Caution: There is a group of exploiters in our country who are wasting thousands of lives in greed for money. With the evolution of time, countless private mats have sprung up all over the country like a frog’s umbrella, estimated to be more than 200. Most of the institutions are disrespectful and illegal. When they advertise for admission, in most cases you will see many lucrative offers, such as: –

  1. Government job is guaranteed.
  2. It is possible to become a doctor with a little education.
  3. Private jobs with attractive salaries are provided by the organization.
  4. Classes are taken by experienced teachers.

Seeing all this, we Bengalis can no longer keep our heads straight. When I saw that there was no change in the official mats, I fell into the trap of those tempting offers.

Let’s not know their condition, how will the government job be guaranteed ??

Answer: In the last 5 years, the students who have passed MATs have been recruited for the government service twice (8 and 113) and it is not clear when the new recruitment will take place.

They give jobs from private companies themselves ?Where will they get so many jobs ?? If there are 200 private mats in the country, if there are an average of 50 students in each mats, 10,000 people are admitted every year, every year more than 8/9 thousand diploma doctors pass out from private institutions. The country’s private hospitals, clinics, NGOs, garments are not even 1000 thousand a year. Keep in mind that in the case of private employment of Diploma Physicians, only those institutions which have health and family planning activities offer their job opportunities, not any other section. So how do they give jobs to everyone ??

What do the students who have passed from government institutions do when they get all the jobs ?? Remember the question.?

On the other hand, out of 100% of the institutions, more than 95% of the institutions are run in rented buildings, most of them have no skilled teachers, no facilities. Students are shown countless dreams, reality but the complete opposite. The owners of private companies are Adam businessmen, they like to play with the young lives for money. With the admission fee (institutional cost) of a student who has passed from a government institution, it is Rs. 20,000 in 4 years, while the student of private mats collects an average of Rs. 150,000 to Rs. Including other expenses (hostel + various programs) costs a student around Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 600,000 (depending on the location). Besides, 20-40 thousand rupees was illegally collected from the students before doing the internship. ( State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result, State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result, State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result)

Sometimes after spending so much money when a student finds out that his institution is illegal, the students of the institution from which he passed will not get the registration number from Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Then all his achievements became invalid. The fault was to be admitted without knowing.

# Remember that out of more than 200 private institutions, less than 52 are approved by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, the rest of the students will not get BM&DC registration as a registered medical assistant practitioner, then their life is in vain Don’t let it be called illegal anymore.

The results of the SSC exam will be published in a few days, the false propaganda of those Adam traders will start again, he said. Before you see all the banners and leaflets hanging on the side of the road, find out the details about them. If you want to be admitted, decide by checking the validity of the organization.

#B_Dr: Before enrolling in private mats, you must check whether the company is a BMDC registered company or you will cry for the rest of your life.

# Higher education: Again the question arose in your mind, will I be able to take higher education (MBBS or equivalent) after passing MATS ??

#Answer: Not straight, no and no. Because, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has not kept any road open for higher education for the only Mats pass students among the diploma holders. This nation is failing despite repeated movements, no student knows whether it will ever see the light of day.

Even so, countless students are being admitted every year, ruining lives …. no jobs, no higher education just getting neglect from the government and the state even though completing DMF is much more complicated than other diploma holders.

One more thing, the question may arise in your mind, then in this huge community, the government job is far from getting a private job and what is he doing with the diploma bhoja ???

State Medical Faculty IHT Mats Result 2020 |

Estimated calculations for ease of understanding: –

45% of students are getting jobs in private institutions, 25% are changing professions and doing other things, most of them are studying after completing Intermediate, 10% are doing private practice, 10% are sitting hoping for a government circular, the remaining 10% are father’s food. Doing nothing but destroying.

So, why are you knowingly stepping on the path of uncertain life ??

The question may arise in your mind, why did I read then ??

Not only me, but most of the students who passed from public to private also lost to the decision of family and society and fell into mats. This is a tragic consequence when a student is not old enough to make a decision after passing only 10 classes.

We didn’t know, so we went the wrong way, but you already know what the DMF is up to. Wrong decisions will push you into darkness, never show light.

Let’s become aware of ourselves and make someone else aware. Before being admitted to a private institution, you must know whether they are under the purview of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.

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